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Do you own your home?

If you don't own your own home, are pet's allowed at your residence?

How many people live in your home?

Have you owned a cat before?

Do you have any Persian experience?

Cat's can live between 12-20 years. Are you prepared to care for and love this kitten for his/her lifetime?

Do you have other pets in the home? If so please list them below:

How long did your last pet live for, and what were the circumstances of his/her death?

Have you ever returned a pet back to the breeder, and if so please explain why?

Have you ever given a pet away, and if so please explain why and where you placed the pet?

Have you ever surrendered a pet to a shelter, rescue or humane society, and if so please explain why?

If you have other kittens/cats, are they:
 Indoor ONLY
 Outdoor ONLY

If you have other kittens/cats have they been tested negative for FeLV/FIV?

If you have other pet's are they up to date on their vaccinations?

Please give us your Veterinarian Information. 

Do we have permission to contact your veterinarian?

If you do have other pets are they spayed/neutered?

Is everyone in your household in agreement to getting a kitten?

Have all members of your household been around cats to ensure they are not allergic?

Do you have children living in your home? If so please list their ages.

Who will be responsible for the primary care of this kitten?

What personality type are you looking for in a kitten?

Will this kitten be declawed?

Will this kitten have free roam of the house?

How many hours per day will this kitten be left alone?

Can you please provide two references that know of your pet ownership.

If you had to, for ANY reason, give up this kitten, what would you do with him/her?

Where did you hear about Ayn Castle Cats?

If interested in adopting from Ayn Castle please fill out the questions below and submit via email to AynCastleCats@outlook.com 

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